About me

Being a Database Engineer represents a very challenging role, after twelve years of experience in different IT areas related to software development I specialized in the marvelous world of Databases.  My main experience is in  Microsoft SQL Server, however, I have had the opportunity of working with different DB technologies.  I jumped into the role of  Database Engineer, and I currently work at Duck Creek Technologies.

Database Engineering is part of an innovator vision about how much important are Databases from the perspective of business continuity and improvement in user experience,  both are the key points that we can translate into a profitable investment for the companies.

I can describe myself as a Software Craftsman,  adopting inside of my life each of the principles and an ethical attitude of a real software professional, where the quality is not a luxury, is a lifestyle and a vision.

I am from Nicaragua, a small and partisan country, which due to different circumstances is struggling to recover its freedom, I always have tried to send a message of overcoming and hope for many people from my country, with effort and sacrifice we can reach our goal.

I hope that you find useful my articles and source code, in case that you want to get in contact with me,  you can write me my email: me[at]geohernandez.net

When not writing, reading, or playing with my children I would like to watch the original Netflix series in companion of the love of my life @Lauren.


Disclaimer:  I am a Christian.   If Christianity offends you for any reason, I implore you to contact me to tell me why Christianity offends you.  In a future personal section, I would like to explain some areas and projects of my life where I have seen the God’s hand acting.