Python for Data Engineering and other stories

If you are involved in the IT world it is more than sure that you have heard about Python and how so great this programming language is, and I think the keyword is versatile, because effectively it is one of the main benefits than Python give us, and it is thinking in the widespread of it thus push me to start a new series of articles which together with my section “Chronicles from the trenches” I am going to share some stories, tips, tricks, complains and shout out about Python, always seen from the perspective of a Database Engineer that probably someday decide to transition toward Data Engineer role.

As the title of this series reflects, the main purpose of every article will be written always thinking in scenarios where I have to use Python for tasks related to Data Engineering, however, sometimes you could feel as I am deviating toward other roads, but if we are honest, data engineering is not a straitjacket and perfectly a script python conceived for testing connectivity between servers can be considered as a utility which is part of a toolbox for every data engineer.

The main sources of this new section will be:

  • Professional Experience: This source always is part of my preferred content, the style of this sort of blog has a simple structure based in three main questions: what problem I had to face, how I solved and why is a valid solution, the style of these blogs will look similar to a storyteller (horror story).
  • Books: I accept my deep fascination for reading and studying through books, so I always have to include (and quote) these really interesting learning that I got from the books.
  • Blogs/YouTube/Pluralsight: Who will deny the great value-added to our knowledge coming from the people that every day contributes (in the majority of cases free)with his content into the above platforms.

Finally, I want to mention that in the majorities of my articles related to Python I will be using/showing some images of my IDE (Pycharm) however it does not mean that I am doing any kind of publicity or even receiving any sponsorship of Jetbrains (for now 🙂 ), so feel free of using whatever IDE or OS that you want, the freedom is the basis of our lives.

Remember to enjoy the road and Happy coding !!