Returning to the trenches – Goals for 2020

After many months of silence which are the result of hard experience in my personal life that I don’t hesitate has been the worst and the best thing could happen to me, probably in the future, I will write part of this experience as a tribute to God who did the miracle of continue having with us to one of the bravest woman that I know, my daughter Laurencita who is a survivor patient of Autoimmune Encephalitis, I am happy to return with a renewed vision about the life and the conviction about a shiny future, for this, my goals to this new 2020 year are so simple:

  1. Thank and Worship to God with all my strength.
  2. Love my family with all my strength.
  3. Learn and share knowledge about IT (SQL, GIT, Linux, etc).

Said this, the deadline is the 31st of December 2020. Have a Happy New Year and remember to hug the people you love.