Starting from scratch or the dilemma of following a dream

Recently I completed an intensive course on CodeSpace academy where I taught students about Database fundamentals, it was an enjoyable time, that I normally repeat every year. Maybe are you asking yourself why I consider this activity as a hobby, my answer is simple, I really love to teach and share my knowledge with others, especially when some people are struggling day to day to improve their personal-professional career.

I want to explain a little more, the course that I teach is part of a new initiative called “FullStack Web Development Bootcamp”, it consists in an accelerated program to train people who want to become full-stack Developers from scratch. It might sound complex and … it is, Why? First of all, because the majority of the students are coming from careers without any relation to IT, and even many of these students don’t have a university degree, therefore I believe that in many cases the extra effort of these students is inspirational (at least for me).

If you analyze the described situation, you can be tempted to think that the desertion rate is higher due to the complexity involved per se in a programmer career, however, it is the opposite. In a recent talk with Jose Manuel Esquerra (the founder of CodeSpace) he explained me the real situation related to the percentage of people who abandon the program and the rate of employability, both are very interesting, less than five percent of the students who start every program abandon it, otherwise the employability rate is major than ninety-five percentage, this number does not come as a surprise for me, especially if you review the growing number of IT companies which decide to come to Malaga city.

My conclusion maybe is simplistic, but I think it’s still valid. People who really want to change their life for different reasons such as horrible jobs, unemployment, bad salaries and poor perspective of improving, can be converted in great incentives which will push them to overcome any obstacle, especially when the obstacle is associated with a great reward even when they don’t have certainty. But reading news and visiting LinkedIn clearly increases your faith, for this reason, I really enjoy teaching in this program, because I feel that I can contribute and help these valuable and brave people in their new journey.

PS: At the end of this article, I have received the confirmation from the Spanish government that my request to receive the Spanish nationality has been approved and I wanted to thank God for his mercy.