DataScotland: Building a strategy for migrating our Database to Azure Cloud

About my session

This session is focused on the process of building a solid and consistent strategy that allows us to migrate our existing Database toward proper Azure Cloud offers.

We will take a Microsoft SQL Server on-premise and walk through the main stages and milestones to be achieved for a successful migration. It starts from setting up a baseline and determining the most convenient sort of option as a platform as a service (Pass) or infrastructure as a service (Iass).


Finally, we will do a real-time migration of a sample Database and explain the exciting aspects to take into account as part of the post-migration process.


In the following links, you will find the material used during my presentation.  Nonetheless, if you have any questions or doubts, do not hesitate in contacting Linked In


High-level plan for migrating DB to Azure

High level plan for Migrating DB to Azure